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Mint Forms – Google Calendar ™ Edition

Mint Forms – Google Calendar™ edition is a Google Workspace Add-on for Google Forms that allows users to quickly and easily create calendar events from their Google Forms™ data, so they can focus on what’s important.


how does it work?

Set up the form & add-on

To use the Mint Forms – Google Calendar ™ edition, first, make sure that you have the add-on installed in your Google Workspace ™.

Once the add-on is installed, you can access it by opening a form and clicking on the “Add-ons” menu, then selecting “Mint Forms – Google Calendar ™ edition”. There you will need to select the fields from your form that you want to include in your calendar event. Once you have configured your settings, click on the “Save settings” button.

The users submit the form

Every time users submit a form, an event will be created in Google Calendar™. Possible use cases include:

  1. Automatically creating calendar events for meetings, appointments, and other important dates.
  2. Setting reminders to team members for upcoming tasks or events (by using Google Forms).
  3. Automatically creating calendar events for customer appointments or meetings.

Check your Google calendar ™

Check your calendar to see the details of the event. It will be created based on the data submitted by users on the form. Once a form is submitted, an event will be automatically created on the calendar of the form owner as well as on the calendar of the person whose email was provided in the form. The event will include all the details provided in the form such as start date, end date, and the reason for the request.

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