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Creating quizzes & surveys in Google FormsTM made simple


GPT(TM) for Forms

Welcome to the enhanced GPT for Forms ™, a Google Workspace™ add-on that simplifies the process of creating forms and quizzes. With GPT for Forms ™, you can easily generate questions and answers for Google Forms ™ …powered by the magic of ChatGPT.

The tool allows you to create quizzes based on your Google Docs ™, a topic of your choice, or even a YouTube™ video.

Just provide a topic or question and GPT for Forms does the rest. Alternatively, you can even input a Google Doc or a YouTube video link, and GPT for Forms will analyze the content and generate a list of questions and answers based on your chosen material.

Possible use cases include:

– Automatically generating entire quizzes for educational assessment
– Generating answers (correct and incorrect) for specific questions
– Creating quizzes to evaluate student comprehension of your curriculum materials
– Generating questions and answer choices for customer feedback forms


How does it work?

Set Up the Form & Add-on

To use GPT for Forms, first, make sure that you have the add-on installed in your Google Workspace. (Install it here). Once the add-on is installed, you can access it by opening any Google Form and clicking on the “Add-ons” menu (puzzle piece icon at the top of the screen), then selecting “GPT for forms”.

Read detailed instructions on how to install and run the add-on on the “Installing and using the GPT for Forms add-on” page

Select Your Desired Quiz Content Source

Select your preferred source for quiz generation. In the GPT for Forms interface, you’ll see the different sources you can use to generate the quiz:

  • From a single line of text (just enter your quiz topic)
  • A YouTube video link
  • Google Doc from your Google Drive

Select the source you prefer. We’ll look at how to generate a quiz from all 3 sources below.

TOPIC – Generate quiz questions and answers from a single text prompt

With GPT for Forms, you can quickly generate questions and answers for your Google Forms without having to type each one manually. Enter your topic (e.g. “the Jurassic period), select the type of question you’d like to add to the form, how many answers you’d like to generate, and how many total answers you’d like to provide.

You can even provide your own correct answer (in this case, only the relevant but incorrect answers will be generated). Now click the “Generate Quiz” button.

YouTube Video – Generate quiz questions and answers from any video

If you choose to use a YouTube video as your source, simply paste the link to the video into the provided field. The add-on will evaluate any and all words from the audio within the video to create a quiz.

For best results, you may choose to use “Ai-powered transcription”. Note that generating captions with AI requires additional tokens that are included in your subscription. If you run out of tokens, you can easily purchase more.

Google Doc – Generate quiz questions and answers from a Google Doc within your Google Drive

If you choose a Google Doc as your source, the add-on will analyze the content of the document and generate a quiz accordingly.

Add questions and answers to your Google Forms !

Once GPT for Forms has created your questions and answers, you can click on the “Add to Form” button, and everything you’ve just generated will be added to your form.

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